Word Monkey

 A random word generator made entirely in javascript and CSS. Drag and drop word types like Adjectives and Nouns up into the work area, then press space to generate some random words. Utilizing a gigantic JSON file, you have the selection of over 3000 words and names.

Avaiable right here.

Brass Baggage

 Using PHP, Javascript, and CSS; Brass Baggage is easy to use software to track onhand bags, lost items, and damaged claims. The focus of Brass Baggage is also the accessability of data, and using that data to prevent future issues with baggage mishandling.

 Creating this software was an oportunity to learn about the storage and presentation of SQL data. Also an experience that taught UI/UX and security practices.

Kerk Day

  Currently at SAIT Polytechnic learning Software Development, but previously using code to make small personal projects. Fixing bugs can be considered one of my personal hobbies.

 My free time is also spent drawing and photoshopping as well. Professionally I have made posters for a local escape room featuring Jack the Ripper, and other unknown murderers!

To contact me, send me an email to work@kerkday.com, and I will get back to you.