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Hello, my name is Kerk Day!

I am a Software Developer based out of Langley, BC and I am actively looking for work!

About Kerk Day

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My name is Kerk Day, a Full Stack Software Developer and Graphic Designer based out of Langley, BC.

I have two years of experience as a Full-stack Software Developer for Stream Systems, and an Associates Degree in Software Development from SAIT Polytechnic

I’ve also worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer, with logo design and promotional material in print and online. You can look at my design work on the Gallery page.

If you’re reading this, that likely means I am looking for work! Send a message on LinkedIn if you’re interested in getting to know me and my work better.



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  • JavaScript, Typescript

  • CSS, Less, SCSS

  • React, NextJS

  • Svelte, Sveltekit (What I made this website with!)

  • Java, Apache Tomcat, Spring

  • JQuery, Bootstrap, MaterialUI

  • WordPress, PHP

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  • Adobe Photoshop, Krita

  • Blender, Godot

  • Adobe Illustrator, SVGs, InkScape